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Welcome to Aspect Build

Aspect Build is the Developer Platform for Monorepos, based on Bazel.

Designed by Bazel experts with decades of combined industry experience operating Bazel at scale, Aspect Build takes the guess work out of deploying and optimizing your Bazel build so you can feel confident that you're getting the most of your build system.

Tim Jäger, Staff Engineer @ SandboxAQ

It's comprised of:

  1. Aspect Workflows powers your developer loop: Code Review, Build, Test, and Delivery. It runs on your cloud and works with your existing CI provider so you can experience faster builds & lower costs without incurring the additional complexity & cost of migrations.

  2. Aspect CLI is a user-friendly replacement for bazel in your terminal that adds additional functionality over vanilla Bazel and is extensible through a powerful plugin system.

  3. Aspect Bazel Rules are "plugins" for Bazel, supporting JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Docker/OCI, C/C++, formatting / linting, and more, plus libraries for Starlark & custom rules and an extensive collection of examples.

  4. Expert Professional Services add the missing support for Bazel, Aspect Bazel rules, and the broader Bazel ecosystem.

As developers ourselves, we understand the challenges of maintaining productivity as a project scales with more team members and lines of code. We love monorepos, but we don't love the drag they can introduce on developer satisfaction and efficiency. Bazel is a powerful solution, but it has a steep learning curve. Aspect bridges this divide, streamlining Bazel adoption and management for Developer Infrastructure teams.


Find out how fast your Bazel build can be with Aspect Build—book a demo or visit to sign up for a one-month free trial!